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Savings Accounts (Share)

This is your primary account with us.  Credit Unions call their savings accounts “share” accounts.  Unlike banks, payday lenders, pawnshops and check-cashing services —which operate strictly for profit — a credit union works to advance the financial stability of everyone who belongs.  Just like owning stock in a company!  That’s why it’s called a “Share Account” and why the ‘interest’ you can earn on your savings (share) account is called a Dividend.

Saving money can be the most important thing we do for ourselves and for our families.

Most of us tend to put saving money way down at the bottom of our list of things we must ‘spend’ money on.

We think, “Oh, as soon as I get caught up on my bills, I’ll start saving” or maybe, “I’m going to save my tax return when it comes in”.

Unfortunately, we often don’t get caught up, or by the time tax return season rolls around there is something else that demands our attention, and our money.  Life sometimes just seems to get in the way of our saving money!

At UBC, we believe in saving you money on your financial transactions.

We also believe in you saving money.  Why?  Because we believe that the best way to have real financial independence is to have money saved.

You can have a portion of each deposit made into your checking account transferred automatically to your savings (share) account each time you get paid.  It builds up quickly and is the easiest way to save! Just ask us.

You can mail us a check, or money order, or bring in any amount for a deposit.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of money.

Deposit the change in your pocket, or at the bottom of your purse, at the end of the day, or week.  If you deposit $5 a week into your savings account, after a year, you’ll have over $250.00 saved!

Open your (share) savings account at UBC with only a $10 minimum balance.  No monthly “maintenance” fees.  You can add as much, or as little, any time you want.  No “get rich quick” plans here, just steady progress toward financial independence!

Withdrawals from Savings Accounts are subject to Reg D.

Checking Accounts

Check out our FREE checking account! With our Missouri Basic Checking there’s never a minimum balance or monthly fee, and overdraft protection from your savings means no hassle for you!  Call or come by today to open your checking account.

Bill Payment Services: Send us your bills: house, car, insurance, tuition or student loan payment, etc… And we’ll pay it for you! The $3 fee includes postage and mailing. Call today to sign up.

Access your funds 24/7 with our ATM/VISA® Debit card. You can use your card to get cash wherever and whenever you need it. Use it as a point of sale card to buy those everyday items from groceries to gasoline, everywhere VISA® is accepted.

With our free automatic ‘overdraft from savings’ protection, you can cover those little “oops” moments that might cost you big somewhere else!

(Up to 3 transfers per month.  Additional “automatic” or telephonic, transfers from savings $3.00 each, subject to Regulation D limits)

ATM/Debit VISA® Card

See Checking Accounts.

24-Hour Automated Account Information

Call our toll free number to see what your account balance is; what has been deposited into or cleared your account at any hour, day or night!  

Christmas Club Account

Wondering how you’re going to handle those end of year expenses?  Here’s the answer! (And it pays dividends!)

Kind of like a lay-away-plan, our Christmas Club Account is a handy way to “lock up” the funds you’re going to need, until you need them, to make it a very Merry Christmas for those you love.

You can make deposits to this account from January 1 until October 15 and withdraw the funds in it any time after that until Jan 1 of the following year.  Upon request, we will issue and mail a check to you for the balance in the account, anytime after October 15 until the end of the year.

(Withdrawals made outside of the disbursement period are subject to an early withdrawal fee)

Vacation Club Account

Do you dream of “getting away” to a tropical island?  Maybe snow capped mountains are more your speed?  Wherever you want your dreams to take you, we’ve got the way to get you there with our Vacation Club Account! (And it pays dividends!)

Planning a vacation means planning to pay for it.  You might think, “I could just borrow the money to pay for my vacation”.

True.   But you might be paying until next year for the vacation you took two years ago.  A better way to go on vacation now, and not suffer from ‘buyer’s remorse’ a year down the road later, is to save up for it! That way, you can enjoy wherever you go and the only thing left over from your travels are the memories!

(Two withdrawals are allowed during the yearly period from July 1 to June 30.  Additional withdrawals are subject to withdrawal fee(s))

Re-loadable VISA® Debit Cards

Do you want to make sure you don’t accidentally overspend?  Worried about a “data breach” affecting your accounts?  The reloadable VISA® Debit ‘CU Money’ card might be for you!  Use it at an ATM to get cash, or as a point-of-sale card at the grocery store, gas station etc., and get cash back!  Check your card activity on line! Great for students!! Helps you keep track of those ‘budget busters’! 

Visa Gift Cards

The perfect whatever-the-occasion or oh-you’re-so-thoughtful gift idea. Use anywhere VISA® is accepted.

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