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Credit Unions were originally work-place based, financial co-ops.  The idea of a credit union is one of shared success.  Not unlike some of the ‘crowdfunding’ concepts of the 21st century, credit unions were designed by the people, for the people.  Everyone’s an owner in a credit union and everyone gets to share in its success.  Unlike traditional banks, where a group of investor/owners decide to pool their money and lend it to others so that they can make money for themselves, a credit union is designed so that any profit that is made is passed on to the members of the credit union in the form of dividends.  There are no ‘outside’ owners here.  If you put money in your account at the credit union – you’re one of the owners!

UBC Credit Union

The joining together of two existing credit unions in 2013, Unite Burlington and Choices Federal Credit Union, resulted in UBC.  Both credit unions served their members in similar manners, offering loans and services that might be difficult for many of their members to obtain, or which might be financially burdensome to them otherwise, and engaging them in financial education whenever possible.

Insofar as both of these credit unions had similar philosophies, served similar members and both were certified as Community Development Financial Institutions, the two decided to become one.  The combined Credit Union continues to balance the demands of its examiners and the entity that insures your account, the National Credit Union Administration, with the financial services and lending needs of its membership.

At UBC Credit Union, our job is to make loans available at affordable rates with fair terms, and promote healthy savings for the future. Our services include:

• Savings Accounts (called shares)

• New & Used Auto Loans

• Auto Loan Refinancing

• Other Secured Loans

• Unsecured Signature Loans

• Debt Consolidation Loans

• Direct Deposit

• Payroll Deduction